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I have always been interested in health and body/mind connections. My path led me to enquire into the formation of habits and beliefs, when I myself found it difficult to stop smoking, and then researching strategies to address this habit in particular, amongst them NLP and hypnosis. I did not only conquer that with the help of this program, but discovered that my passion extended to nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, relationships, and the underlying limiting beliefs and stresses that sabotage our desire for change again and again.
“My passion is to help people quit cigarettes.”

For that reason I chose to become a specialist of this program and have been successfully helping clients break that habit for a number of years in the area.

I am greatly committed to assisting you to achieve freedom from cigarettes, so that you can enjoy the life you desire. This program allows me to assist you in a way that supports your success and for that reason I chose to specialize in it.

With 9 years of experience working with clients with similar worries and concerns, and guiding them to achieve their desired success, my mission and commitment is to assist you to the best of my abilities to achieve yours!

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I am looking at the rest of my life breathing clean fresh air, deeply, for ever and ever!
J.L. from Brunswick Heads
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